Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2D Class Week 10 Concept Discovery With 3D

This week we explored our concepts even more.  I am on the character part of the Tinman team along with fellow animator Will.  We decided to do a Toon Shader for the proxy model I created last week and then we drew over our renders to create a better design.  Then Will and I picked out our favorite elements from each drawing and he drew a final concept.  I then adjusted the proxy model in Maya and created another render.

This is my toon shaded render for the proxy model I created last week.

This is Will's toon shaded render of my proxy model.

This is my quick concept drawing over the render.   

This is Will's first concept drawing. 

This is Will's second concept drawing. 

This is Will's final concept drawing where we decided the elements we wanted to combine from the previous concepts.

I adjusted the proxy model to better reflect the final concept drawing.

Here's the revised Tinman in engine next to the old proxy.

Will updated our page layout so I adjusted my old pages to the new background:

Overall time spent working on this week's hw is about 5 hours. 

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