Sunday, August 28, 2016

3D Art Week 001 Assignment (UE4 Simple Box Level)

This week's homework was to create a scaled, beveled cube in Maya and import it into Unreal 4. We then created materials for the box and played with scale. The final part of the assignment was to arrange the boxes creatively while utilizing different scales and materials.

PIE 1st Post

Well hello there.

Gamelab 1st Post

Is this thing on?

Capstone 1st Post


RPP 1st Post


VR 1st Post


Tech Art 1st Post


Animation Assignment 1

This week's assignment was to use at least two objects and make them move around in Maya.  This was my first time doing animation and I'm still pretty new to Maya but I had a lot of fun trying to use the different rigs and figuring out the graph editor.  Spent a couple of hours playing around with the software.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2D Class Assignment 01 (Materials and Set Up)

This week's assignment was to play with brushes and smudge tools inside Adobe Photoshop.  For my first set of shapes I only used the 2B Pencil.  For my second set, I used the Airbrush Glow.  For my third set I used cottonBalls 01.  For my fourth set I used the 2B Pencil and the cotton ball smudge tool.  For my fifth set I used cottonBalls 01 and the cotton ball smudge tool.